Safe Boating License Online

The most convenient way to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card is to take the boat license exam online at a Transport Canada approved website.  There are several websites that offer the study material and practice tests which will help you pass the boating license online.

The boating license exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions with a maximum time of 45 minutes to complete. You must score a minimum of 38 out of 50 to achieve a passing grade of 75%. Keep in mind the questions on the online boating license test require boaters to know and understand Canadian boating regulations. The boating license exam will test your knowledge on marker buoys, lights, navigation, planning before heading out, boating emergencies and your environmental responsibility.

After you have completed the mandatory online study guide and final boating license exam online, you’re able to print a temporary card directly from the website. The official Pleasure Craft Operator Card will arrive in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks following the completion of the exam. If you’re unsuccessful and fail to score the minimum passing grade on your boating license exam, you must wait 24 hours before attempting to retry.  That gives you time to brush up on the areas you may have scored poorly on, keeping in mind you can retry the exam for free. The advantage to take the boating license exam online is when you complete your exam it is graded at that moment and shows you where you may have went wrong.


Boat License Study Guide

The boat license study guide is an official Transport Canada approved study guide to help boaters to learn to boat smart. Reviewing the study guide every now and then keeps your mind refreshed on rules and regulations. The study guide can be a helpful resource to both experienced and inexperienced boaters. The guide not only helps you prepare for your boating license exam, but it offers a lot of safety information that you should know before heading out onto the water. 

When you’re preparing to take your boating license, the study guide offers an organized method that allows for easy navigation. The study guide goes over boating basics, safe operation, navigation, marker buoys, boating emergencies and your environmental responsibility. You will be able to understand the basics of boating. There are unique ways to remember boating knowledge as well, such as red right returning, and port has the same amount of letters as left. After reviewing the chapters in the study guide and challenging the practice tests, you’re only steps away from obtaining an Operator Card and being certified for life.

The boating license study guide is a great book to have because you can keep the guide on the boat to refer to as you are driving, or teaching someone else to drive safely. Remember if you ever have any questions the study guide has specific chapters labeled making everything easy to find.

Get your canadian boating license now.