Safe Boating Course

Getting a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is the first step to smart boating. However, if you’re looking for additional knowledge, a boating course may be a helpful second step. Although it is not required by law, pleasure craft operators are encouraged to take an approved safe boating course. A safe boating course is recommended for both experienced and inexperienced boaters because safety information can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Training for safe boating can answer any questions you may have about boating. Boating courses will provide the latest and most up-to-date safety rules and regulations. It will also allow boaters new and old to learn vital information they may have not previously known.

Transport Canada approved boater safety classes are offered throughout the country. Boat courses offer flexible hours to fit any schedule. They are taught by professional and knowledgeable instructors who are trained experts in all areas of boating safety and can answer any questions you may have.

Why Take a Boating Course

Although it is not required for those already holding an Operator Card, there are many reasons why a safe boating course is recommended.  A boating safety course is an essential, life-saving tool that will:

1. Teach you to be aware of the acts, code, and regulations that govern actions on Canadian waterways.

2. Teach you how to respond in emergency situations

3. Ensure you understand your responsibilities as a pleasure craft operator

4. Teach you how to properly and safely operate your boat

For inexperienced boaters, a boating class is a great hands-on approach to learn navigation on the water. Boaters with extensive experience usually benefit from boater courses as they learn new tips, guidelines and regulations. It’s never a bad idea to get refreshed on information you may have forgotten over the years.

After taking a boating course, you will walk away having learned important safety responsibilities while on water. In addition, you will learn how to improve the safety of both yourself and your passengers. A boating course will also give you the knowledge necessary to pass the official boating license exam and obtain your own PCOC.

One of the greatest benefits of taking a boat safety course is to make the experience of boating more enjoyable. The more knowledge you have of waterway safety, the more confident you will be when operating your vessel. The more boating confidence you have, the more enjoyment you will get out of boating – and after all, that is what boating is all about.

Another clear advantage to taking a boating course is the hands-on approach that it offers. Rather than just reading safety and boating information, a classroom boating course allows you to interact and engage in the material at hand. Having important boating safety information explained in-person, allows many boaters to absorb the information more efficiently. The classroom environment gives boaters a more physical interaction with boating safety study guides, plus the ability to share thoughts and questions with the instructor and other classroom members.

The Online Boating Course

There is a wide variety of online boating resources to help you become a confidant and educated boater. An online boating course is often the most efficient way a boater can get informed on the newest boating rules and regulations.

The online boat course offers multiple practice tests, study modules, and safe boating tips. Whether young or old, beginner or advanced, an online boating course will help prepare boaters who are looking to study for their boating license exam. If you are an experienced boater, the online course is an excellent resource to brush up on important safe boating rules and regulations. 

The online boating course allows boaters to learn about all areas of boating. The boater study guide allows you to select specific areas of interest, or study the particular topics you are unfamiliar with. By taking an online boating course, you will be introduced to all necessary material including marker buoys, safety equipment, navigation, and regulations.

By completing the online boating course, you will have covered the eight major modules which include the following:

1. Boating In Canada

2. Boating Basics

3. Pre-Departure

4. Operating A Boat

5. Navigation

6. Aids To Navigation

7. Boating Emergencies

8. Environmental Responsibility

After becoming confidant with the material within the online boating course, you should feel prepared to take the boat smart exam. If you wish to seek additional training, online courses offer practice exams that will give you a key indication of the amount of knowledge you have gained.  

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