The Operator Card Study Guide

The Transport Canada authorized study guide provides boaters with the required boating safety knowledge to pass the official Pleasure Craft Operator Card Exam. The Operator Card Study Guide is available online and in a full colour printed format.

Online Study Guide

When you register to take the exam online, Transport Canada requires that you complete a three-hour progressive online BOATsmart!® Safe Boating Study Guide to obtain your Boat Operator Card. The Canadian Safe Boating Study Guide can be completed online with BOATsmart!® Canada. You will not be required to complete all three hours at one time - you can log in and out as you wish and the BOATsmart!® website will track your time automatically. To get your Pleasure Craft Operator card start the Safe Boating Study Guide Online.


Printed Study Guide

The printed BOATsmart!® Study Guide is available exclusively at Canadian Tire stores and marine retailers across Canada. Once you pass the Operator Card Exam the printed study guide will serve as a valuable boating safety resource that we recommend you keep on board your vessel at all times.

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