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TheOperatorCard.ca is designed to help boaters study and get certified for their Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

All power boat operators were required to obtain an Operator Card by Sept 15, 2009. Canadian boaters caught without the card now risk a $250 fine.

All power boaters regardless of age, horsepower or size of boat need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card now - It's the law. The best way for boaters to get their Operator Card is to study online and take the exam.

Boat safety resources are available on this website, including a boating license practice exam that will help boaters successfully obtain their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Once you've completed your boating license exam you'll be certified for life. The boating license never expires and you will never have to re-write the boat test.

With the OperatorCard.ca you will be able to get the latest safety information and boating tips to help you operate your boat with confidence!

Joe Boater is a self-proclaimed boating expert. He's got his own ideas about boating safety and the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Click to view.

Safe Boating Tips

How to signal for help in a Boating Emergency

You can signal distress or your need for help by flashing SOS with your watertight flashlight - three short flashes, then three long flashes, followed by three short flashes. A watertight flashlight qualifies as navigation lights on non-powered vessles as well as sailboats less than 7 meters in length.

Choose a brightly coloured PFD or Lifejacket in small vessels.

If you are in a smaller open vessel, such as a small fishing boat, other boaters may find it difficult to see you. Choosing a brightly coloured personal floation device or lifejacket will make you more visible to others. You should also test your floation device on a regular basis to make sure it will keep you afloat when you need it most.

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